I was born with the ability  to channel Healing,  I have worked with many clients to ease pain, relieve symptoms, as well as sensing problems and  issues that clients may not be aware of. 

A session of 15-20 minutes is usually sufficient, 

If you wish, you are welcome to book a course of sessions, this should be spread of weeks or months, obviously  this is entirely up to you.  

Sessions are £20

Healing Disclaimer

*Clients are advised that no guarantee can be given with regard to the level of healing with Bach or Spiritual healing, no false promises will be given and the level of healing varies and will depend upon the client’s openness to the therapy. Clients undertake this therapy of their own free will.

ment is due in advance of the sitting by PayPal by completing the form below. If PayPal isn’t an option bank transfer is also available, if this is the case please don’t complete the form below just click here to contact me direct.