Bach Flower Healing and Counselling.

We often choose to see a healer when things gets on top of us, we feel we cannot cope with life as it is. 

Do you feel stuck afraid to move on , are you unable to get a clear picture of where you  are and where you need to be ?  Maybe you have experienced a bereavement and are unable to move on. Perhaps you have experienced a loss or trauma and feel stuck, whatever your situation Jean can help. 

As an Intuitive natural Healer and counsellor, Jean uses a natural healing method based on flower essences. Jean uses these intuitively knowing which flower you need, as well as bach flower essences  Jean is a natural counsellor, giving you words of comfort, you need as well as inspiring you to look forward and heal your past.  

Here are some examples of how it can be of benefit.  I work intuitively when choosing the remedies you need.


  • clears the debris from past trauma;
  • helps you disconnect from unhealthy addictions;
  • clears your soul path and energy system;
  • clears and balances the chakra’s;
  • connects you to your higher self;
  • gives you clarity and serenity;
  • clearing the way for a brighter future.

When you begin a healing journey, the first session can be a “one off” or series of sessions.

Depending on level of healing needed usually 3 sessions is usually sufficient however, you may wish to work with me on a regular basis.

“Thank you so much Jean, I was lost unable to move on from a painful past, now I feel happier and no longer live in the past. I can’t believe the difference already” Jenny Smith commenting after her Bach Flower Healing session with Jean.

Jean offers healing on the following days:-

Mondays & Tuesdays 10am-5pm
Thursdays 10am-2pm
Fridays 2pm-7pm

Fee: £60 (session lasts 60 + minutes)

To check availability please complete the form below with your preferred date and time and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Payment due in advance of the sitting by either bank transfer or PayPal, please state on the form your preferred method and we will get back to you with details.

Preferred Payment Method
Bank TransferPayPal (fees apply)



Healing Disclaimer

Clients are advised that no guarantee can be given with regard to the level of healing with Bach or Spiritual healing, no false promises will be given and the level of healing varies and will depend upon the client’s openness to the therapy. Clients undertake this therapy of their own free will.

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