Terms & Conditions including Cancellation Policy

Payment fees and payment methods will be agreed before appointment, fees are to be paid in advance of your session.

Cancellation:  If a session is cancelled it will be rescheduled at an agreed time.  At least 24 hours notice of cancellation or change of arrangements must be given on either side. No refunds will be given, your sessions can be anytime within six months.

You acknowledge that your sessions may be personally and emotionally challenging, and on occasions you may feel frustration, annoyance or distress. You will take all steps to ensure that you schedule your session times when you are in an appropriate mental, emotional and physical condition to proceed with the session.

Termination of Agreement:  Either party can, with good reason and prior notice terminate. Fees paid for sessions which have not taken place will not be refunded.

My services are not a substitute for medical services and I am not qualified to diagnose, recommend treatment/surgery, offer prescriptions or comment on advice received from a registered medical practitioner/GP. For any ongoing health matter you must consult your GP if you have not already done so. All data and recordings are stored according to the Data Protection Act 1998. I do not provide healing/counselling/readings for people under 18 years of age. The person who books and pays for the session must be the person who attends the session – I do not offer gift sessions. All clients enter and leave the premises entirely at their own risk.