There are so many of us walking around seemingly living “normal” lives yet inside we are hurting.

This hurt may be obvious or hidden, for example, depression, trauma , abuse, violence, not feeling valued or loved, being abandoned, losing someone close to you, whatever the hurt is it will be affecting every aspect of our lives.

This hurt manifests in the way you think, feel and do, it permeates our relationships and our health.

We think that if we bury it deep enough its forgot about, it isn’t we carry it with us, this hidden part of ourselves want to be healed it’s just the conscious mind is scared to do it. Your higher self wants you to be free from this, dealing with and healing from it is rarely as painful as you may expect.

When we let this painful part of us go we begin to live and breathe in a way like never before.

We all deserve to heal and set ourselves free. There are no positive reasons to hold onto hurt.

I have experienced all of the above and I didn’t want to carry it any longer, so I chose to heal.

When You Heal Your Hurt, You Heal Your Life